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Post  Chris Sandvig on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:22 am

Good evening MBA Cohort Team contacts!

Please forward the message below to your respective teams and strongly encourage them to complete this very brief survey, as I want to ensure that the College of Business, particularly the MBA students provide their very candid feedback, as the Task Force is working in earnest to ensure that Career Services will add maximum value to our students. Thanking you and your teams in advance!

The University of Texas at Arlington is rising in stature through its quality undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 180 disciplines, vibrant college experience, and push toward its goal of becoming one of America’s premier research institutions.

A key component of UTA’s growth in its engagement with students is a re-visioning of the career services function and activities the institution offers to its enrollees. A campus task force is working to examine current services and create a vision for an improved future for service delivery.

You have been selected as to help us learn from your experience and to provide insight on future programs and services that might benefit UT Arlington students.

The short survey is anonymous and all data will be used in a form that will make it impossible to determine the identity of the individual responses. That is, the survey responses will not be integrated, analyzed, or reported in any way in which the anonymity of the survey responses is not absolutely guaranteed.

We appreciate your assistance in this process and look forward to your valuable input on the services and programs of career services. The survey will be live until May 4, 2012.

Career Services Task Force
University of Texas Arlington

Kind regards,

Chris Sandvig

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